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An interactive novel

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Volume 1 of the transmedia trilogy La Vénus d'Emerae

Earth, two centuries after the Dark Moons disasters, the airplanes of the Guild trade all over the world, between teks and domas, acting in neutrality face to the rising of a new obscurantism.
Only survivor of his family's massacre, Yarel Grinh, young balloonist, seks revenge. Tormented by strange visions since his youngest age, he discovered amazing powers linked to an ancestral Art : the Arcanik Science...

Discover a new experience of increased reading with the transmedia novel InCarnatis !

When new technologies lead to a vast reflection on the book and the publisher work, the author, Marc Frachet, proposes an innovative model with very promising potential with his first novel InCarnatis... A new storytelling asserts itself between traditional edition and digital world...

Extend your immersion in the universe InCarnatis with additional media during your reading :

  • Audio stories, set to music with famous actors' voices
  • Original soundtrack
  • Illustrations
  • Artefacts, viewable in animated sequences with any QR player

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